Case Studies

SynCone Concept

Easy handling and extremely economical.

Special implants or special instructions are not required for treatment with ANKYLOS SynCone. This is what makes SynCone so special: extremely economical and easy to use, having two options, both the chair side and technical procedure is standardised and is based on prefabricated components.

Immediate Loading

SynCone incorporates the requirements for an immediate geriatric treatment concept. As early as approx. 2hrs after the start of treatment, the patient will be able to leave the surgery with a firmly seated prosthesis.

- Reduction of overall treatment time.

- Simplification of chair side protocol with prefabricated components.

- Combining the usability for immediate loading.

Delayed Loading

The advantages of SynCone can also be seen in osteointegrated implants

- Tension free fit (passive) due to intraoral bonding of the tapered cap within the framework.

- Simplification of chair side protocol with prefabricated components.

- Retention of the prosthesis is superior to an elaborately milled bar and more economical.

- Improved hygiene for the patient.

Further information

For further information on this simple and effective implant system, please contact a member of our team or please click the link below and it will provide you with a user manual for implant placement and options on restoring implants using the SynCone system.

SynCone DENSTPLY Friadent