Case Studies

Cobalt Chrome

Co/Cr Frameworks.

The laboratory offers clients Co/Cr frameworks for all different treatment plans. All our frameworks are manufactured in house, so we can control every stage during the process. We use high grade Co/Cr, including Vitallium and Sheracast. These alloys ensure our frameworks are stronger, smaller and lighter, improving patient comfort.

Our technicians can assist at the design stage, offering you practical solutions. With our frameworks we can incorporate gold/acetal resin (tooth coloured) clasps, backings, swing locks, implant cap processing/implant attachments, tags for composite bonding and much more….


Combination work 

We offer clients an option to have milled crown and bridge work along side our frameworks. Please contact the team for more information on this service.


Further information

Our laboratory work, including Co/Cr fameworks comply with EU regulations and are carefully crafted in house. We believe this to be an advantage in the manufacturing process, as we are in full control from design to the finished product.