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Fixed-Removable Dolder Bar

The Dolder Bar System.

Bar-retained, removable restorations are among the most tried and tested forms of prosthetic treatment both experimentally and clinically and their relevance has increased due to the advantages in implantology. This system includes the Dolder bar attachment and the Dolder resilient bar, and is based on a proven successful design.

Clinical Advantages

- A recess in the milled female component makes a perfect fit and guarantees durable functioning. Resulting in a noticeable slight snap action with the resilient bar.

- 2 concepts for adjustment. Gold or titanium female components are indefinitely adjustable. Titanium female components have 3 levels of friction.

- Bar-retained restoration enables safe immediate loading of implants.

- Splints implants together reducing any potential overloading or stress.

- Maximum, long lasting friction due to optimally co-ordinated materials of the prefabricated parts.

Further Information

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Cendres+Metaux Bars