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Thermopress 400 System

From Bredent UK.

This injection moulding technique involves a procedure in which a heated high performance plastic (resin) material is injected into a hollow mould under extreme pressure. Previously, this technique could only be employed in combination with large industrial machines. In 1958 the 1st attempt to make a denture was used with this technique, and since, Bredent have developed and launched this highly powerful system, which can be operated without any external pressure source.

The unit allows the laboratory careful processing of bio-compatible materials to obtain high quality, metal-free restorations including, monomer free dentures, flexible frameworks, resin clasps, flexible dentures, monomer free stents and much more.


The large number of medical materials which are used for the fabrication and processing of dental restorations frequently cause allergies in sensitive patients.

The material used in the injection moulding technique (thermoplastic resins) enables us to make dentures for sensitive patients without the use of chemical additives or catalysts.


Partial and Full Dentures. This material will enthuse you and your patients. Bre.crystal is processed without the use of monomers that are likely to cause allergies. With its highly dense bases that are standard, they can be quickly polished to a high luster.


Partial Dentures. Flexible options are in great demand, this is our standard. Bre.Flex is a monomer free denture base material for unbreakable and flexible partial dentures. Offer your patients the benefits of materials which are highly biocompatible.


Metal free Co/Cr restorations. Why use metal if a tooth coloured restoration can be fabricated? This material is unbreakable; it can be used for long term temporaries, extremely thin and can opaque occlusal appliances.

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Bredent UK Thermopress 400 System